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I've been cooking for as long as I can remember. 

I cooked my first meal by myself at the age of 6, when I had dinner ready for my grandma when she came back home from work (Meatballs with gravy)  ❤

The kitchen is where I spend 90% of my day cooking, fighting, cooking, cleaning, hugging, dancing, fighting, cooking together with my kiddos 

I´m a trained chef, am obsessed with flavor, and extremely picky when it comes to good food.

I went to culinary art school, which included everything from nutrition, hygiene and food safety and I have years of experience working in both small and big scale kitchens.

I have spent recent years focusing on recipe development. 

I have lived most of my adult life in Asia, mainly in Hong Kong, but recently moved back to Europe. Both me and my husband, who is Chinese, greatly missed the diversity of food that we were so used to find in every street corner and that´s when I had to start to re-create all our favourite restaurant dishes at home. Everything from a good Laksa to proper Dim Sum. 

I only cook what I love. I do not follow trends, nor sacrifice flavor for convenience or looks.

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Since spending many years in Hong Kong, and having a Chinese husband, that´s the kind of food we eat daily in my family. 

Recipes includes everything from my every-day fried noodles and rice, to classic Dim Sum dishes and dumplings!

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