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Traditional Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup / 港式云吞面

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Click HERE to view the recipe!

(I really need to update this photo since it does not make the dish justice. On my to-do list ; ) )

I don't even know where to start talking about this! It's just sooooo comforting, warming and make me very nostalgic!

Used to eat it all the time while living in Hong Kong. Had a favourite little food stall that served a bowl of wonton noodles with a drink for HKD25 close to where I lived. It was by far my favourite restaurant!

If you want to make a quick version, just use store bough chicken broth and add Shaoxing wine, sesame oil, and ginger. I also always make loads of wontons and keep them in the freezer to take out every time I have a craving!

- As for the noodles, you can use regular egg noodles, but try to find Hong Kong style "wonton noodles".

Watch me fold the wontons here:

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